Pink Equine Tack Review

Pink Equine Tack Review

Tying in with our article about correct tack fitting, I thought I would do a little review on a product I recently found about and tried myself. This is my Pink Equine Tack review. I know there are many various different types of bridles and other tack for sale, at various different prices as well. But how often do you get to design your own tack?

Design your own tack

Pink Equine allows you to design your own tack, and it comes in two different styles: Sport Interchange and Tyffany styles. You are also able to bling it up a bit with Swarovski in various shapes, sizes and colours.

Click on each picture below to design your own tack now. Review below the pictures.

Sport Interchange Design

Design your own browband for your horse Design your own Crystal Colour Bridles

Tyffany Swarovski Crystal Range

Design your own Swarovski Crystal Browband Design your own Tyffany Swarovski Crystal Browband

Pink Equine Tack Review

I bought Sport Interchange bridle for someone as a present, and wanted it to be an unique gift. So I designed the entire bridle, with little Swarovski crystals embedded in different parts of the bridle. I was able to choose the colour of the leather, the stitching colour, as well as stone colours, size and bridle type. I just went for a plain snaffle, but apparently you can also order it in Grackle, Drop, Swedish Flash/Plain or English Flash/Plain.

The leather is a soft, yet strong Italian leather. And this is where the value really comes in when you order your bespoke bridle, as you can really tell the difference in this high quality item.

More about Pink Equine:

The company was established in 2007. Their website states:

“Horse Tack is made by experienced craftsmen, using the highest quality materials available and are backed by a one year replacement parts guarantee. Great care is taken with the setting of our crystal browbands. Each stone is individually hand set for added security and clarity.

Unlike the majority of manufacturers of diamante products, Pink Equine use Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED ™ Elements, another sign you are purchasing a quality product. Look for this hallmark to make sure you are purchasing a genuine Pink Equine item.

Because all our stones are purchased loose, we have great flexibility over colour and even if you can’t find your perfect combination in the vast selection we offer, we are happy to work with you on a design you will just love.

All our leather is Italian which is much softer than English Leather, meaning that your horse receives the benefit of this in comfort, no hard edges or stiff leather to dig into your horses delicate skin. We have also made sure that our padding is neoprene, not rubber which is also much softer – if you’ve ever picked up a stud girth and felt it more like a board than something you can wrap around your horses stomach, you will understand the benefit of neoprene. Rubber is very stiff until its been warmed up and is not nice for your horse.”

I would really recommend you have a look at their products, as I find it is real value for money, and the chance to buy your own personalised and unique tack.

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