Does Beet pulp help with equine gastric ulcers?

Should I feed soaked beet pulp to my horse with gastric ulcers?

Does Beet pulp help with equine gastric ulcers?

Another FAQ question:Does Beet pulp help with equine gastric ulcers?

The answer is not always that simple. In many cases the addition of soaked sugar beet pulp is a very good idea, but as always, it depends on your horse, as not all are the same, and some might not do well on soaked sugar beet pulp.

So what is in soaked sugar beet pulp that could be beneficial for your horse?

  • The calories provided from sugar beet pulp is fibre based – this is good for your horse.
  • The fibre is rich in pectins – once again this is good and is specifically recommended for horses with gastric ulcers.
  • The fibre is also rich in calcium – again, good for horses with gastric ulcers.

Obviously, as written above, some horses do not do well on soaked sugar beet pulp, and some have said it causes loose stools.

Some people also claim that sugar beet pulp is not digested by the horse. Here is a quote from a leading equine veterinarian specialising in nutrition, Dr. Susan Garlinghouse, on this topic:

“The fiber in beet pulp is not even close to “indigestible”—the only fiber found in forage that *is* totally indigestible is lignin, which is almost non-existent in beet pulp, but considerably higher (it varies) in the hay pellets whats-her-name recommends. And even being indigestible doesn’t necessarily make it bad, just affects GI transit time, etc differently than fermentable fibers. The fiber in beet pulp is primarily pectin, a soluble fiber, which is highly fermentable and digestible. ”

““Does your horse have loose stools” – Most people that feed alfalfa think that the ideal consistency to horse poop is a tight, dry little road apple.You don’t want diarrhea, but same as for other species, a softer consistency is not necessarily a symptom of disease. It’s usually a lot better than overly dry. Horses on pasture and on grass hays (and also beet pulp) often have a bit of a splat to their poop, which is highly fine-by-me.”

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